How Can I Dye My Hair Half Blonde Half Black?

‘Who wants to look simple when you can look stunning!’, said our icon, Nicki Minaj. And, we second her opinion!

Here’s a frisky idea for bold hair dye fanatics – split dye your hair half blonde, half black! This iconic hair look will surely help you stand out!

You can either split dye your hair at the middle parting or dye the underlayer of your hair blonde for that unique yet soft appearance. In this post, we’ll dive deep and discuss how can you dye your hair half blonde and half black in detail. Let’s get started!

How to Split Dye your Hair Black and Blonde at the Parting?

Step 1. Know what suits you:

There are plenty of cool-toned and warm-toned shades of blonde. Once you determine your undertone, you should be able to find the perfect blonde dye for your skin with proper research.

Find an inspiration photo that closely matches your desired color and the dye style. Make any final decision changes if necessary.

Step 2. Prep your hair carefully:

When it comes to bleaching your hair, experts recommend not over-stripping your hair beforehand. On the other hand, colors and bleaches don’t penetrate and work well on too greasy hair either. Take a shower the day before, not on the DIY day, and you should be good to go.

Step 3. Cover your cloth and slug your neck:

At-home hair dye DIY can be messy, and removing the dye stain from the skin can be quite a bit of a hassle. Protect your cloth with an old cloth and apply Vaseline around the hairline to prevent staining.

Step 4. Set your hair dye station:

If you don’t have anybody helping you, make sure that you have all the hair dye essentials, dyes, bleach, mixing bowls, brush, gloves, comb, clips, towel, and a timer, organized nearby. Once you start the process, it is going to be difficult to move around.

Step 5. Use color remover if necessary:

If you have color remaining from the previous dye session, it’s better you remove the dye beforehand. If the color is blonde or black, there’s no need to do this step as you can only change the dye on one side of your hair in the upcoming steps.

Many are confused about whether to use a color remover or bleach to get rid of the previous hair dye. However, using bleach is not a safe choice here, as it further dries and damages your hair unnecessarily. Remove the color, if you have any, using a color remover, and you’re good to go!

Step 6. Detangle and part your hair:

Now, it’s time to detangle your hair. Don’t use a conditioner or a serum to lessen the frizz, as the dye won’t work effectively with these products on your hair. Be gentle and take your time to remove the tangles and knots from your hair.

Once you can easily run a comb through your hair with ease, part your hair in the middle. Make sure that your parting line is not wonky and straight throughout. If you don’t have anyone around, take the help of a mirror.

Step 7. Bleach the side of the hair that needs to be lightened:

Now, whichever side you want to make blonde, apply bleach onto it. Start by mixing the bleach and developer in a 1:2 ratio.

Unlike hair dye, bleach should be first applied to the middle and bottom sections, as the color easily lifts away from the roots. Start applying the bleach 1 inch away from the roots. Apply the bleach mixture to the roots once the hair strands are well saturated.

Leave the bleach for no longer than 30 minutes and check every 10 minutes in between. Rinse the hair with a ph-balanced shampoo.

Step 8. Tone and dye if necessary:

If you’re not happy with the yellow-orange hues, feel free to use purple toner to cool down your bleach a little. Moreover, there are plenty of blonde dyes available to get the perfect blonde shade you desire. Dye your hair if you have a specific shade of blonde in mind that you’d like to achieve.

Step 9. Darken the other side:

Use a black dye on the next side of your head if it’s not already black. It doesn’t matter whatever color your hair previously was; a black dye should overpower and result in a pretty intense black color.

You can apply conditioner to the parting to ensure that the black dye doesn’t transfer to your freshly bleached side.

Step 10. Rinse and condition your hair:

Finally, rinse your hair until the water runs clear and deep condition it. And, you’re done!

How to Dye Underlayer of your Hair Half Blonde Half Black?

Step 1. Prep your hair and workspace:

Wash your hair 1 or 2 days prior. If you have an existing dye on your head that you’d want to remove, you can do so during this wash using a color remover.

During the DIY day, gather all the necessary hair dye essentials near your workspace. Cover your clothing with an old cloth and slug your hairline using petroleum jelly to prevent staining.

Step 2. Detangle and section your hair:

Detangle your hair properly, as any knots would result in uneven dyes. Finally, section your hair into a top and bottom layer and secure the top section with a clip.

Step 3. Bleach the underlayer:

Now, it’s time to dye or bleach the underlayer. Mix one part bleach to two parts developer and apply the mixture to the mid to bottom sections of your underlayer. Finally, apply the bleach to the hair roots. Keep for the recommended time while checking in between. Once done, rinse your hair with a ph-balanced gentle shampoo.

Step 4. Tone or dye the underlayer if necessary:

If the bleached hair’s shade and tone are not satisfactory, tone it down or use a blonde hair dye of your choice.

Step 5. Work on the top layer if necessary:

Once the bottom section is well rinsed, apply conditioner and cover with a plastic or a covering to prevent dye bleeding. Dye the top section black.

Step 6. Rinse and condition your hair:

Once the black dye seems to have worked, rinse the hair until the water runs completely clear. Don’t use any harsh cleansers yet. Deeply condition your hair and let it dry.

Half Blonde Half Black Hair For Male

Male, female, or genderfluid, anyone can pull this half blonde half black hair dye tend as long as the shade and tone match their skin color perfectly. Follow all the above-mentioned instructions to achieve the breathtaking half blonde half black look for your short hair.

DIY Hair Coloring Tips

  1. Do your research well.
  2. Wash the different colored sections separately.
  3. Use professional-quality colors.
  4. Be careful of the bleaching time. Bleach doesn’t make you a lighter blonde if you leave it for longer. The maximum recommended time is 30 minutes, and in no case should you bleach your hair for a longer duration.

How to Care for Half and Half Hair Color?

You’ll probably have to harshly bleach your hair to obtain the half blonde half black hair dye. As the bleached side will be more delicate and relatively damaged, it is best you follow a hair care regimen for bleached hair.

Be as gentle as you can with the cleansing routine, incorporate frequent scalp oil massages and deep conditioning, and use purple shampoo to neutralize to fight unwanted brassy or yellowish pigments.

The Challenge of Having Half Blonde Half Black Hair

This stunning hair dye combination for sure makes you stand out. However, on the downside, the most common issue people with split dye often complain about is regarding makeup.

Once you have two-colored hair, it can be difficult to pull off any makeup look you want. So, get ready to play with brushes and pigments if you’re planning on getting a split dye.

When to Visit the Professionals?

It is often recommended to only bleach your hair at home if you intend to go 2 to 3 shades lighter. However, if your goal is to go drastically blonde, you might probably have to visit professionals as it will require multiple bleaching.

Even if you attempt to do so at home, make sure you educate yourself on how to limit the bleach damage to as minimal as possible and the time interval between two bleaching sessions.

It is typically recommended you wait for at least a week before bleaching your hair again. In case the hair is too dry and damaged, the recommended time interval is 3 to 4 weeks.

Moreover, if you’re unaware of which type of blonde suits you and how to achieve the result, you might as well book an appointment with a professional.


Split-dyed hair not only looks stunning left open but also can take any hairstyle up by a notch. Be it a braid or a  half do, you’re sure to look extra cute! If you attempt this hair dye trend, let us know how it worked out for you. We’re excited!

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